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What is Social Responsibility?

Social responsibility can be defined as the ability of 'community' to enforce social norms. Sometimes we call this peer pressure, sometimes public opinion. In 2021, our community is online and social responsibility is the only tool targets of harassment, stalking, defamation and bullying really have.

When the legal, justice and other systems fail us, we must stand up for ourselves. Society seems to have completely forgotten about Social Responsibility Here at SRW we report the best of humanity and put a positive spin on defamation. We believe this will empower targets and help curb vigilante justice

Defamation has become an industry and everyone wants to profit off of your pain. SRW is different. We are victims of cyber stalking, bullying, trolling, defamation and more and we know how you feel. Learn more about how you can help yourself and others who may have been victims of online criminal harassment by clicking below.

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Stalking Statistics


1 in 4 stalking victims contemplate suicide. The long term effects of stalking can cause brain trauma. 

1 in 6

1 in 6 women will be stalked in their lifetime. If you're First Nations or Aboriginal those numbers are 1 in 3. 


37% of stalking victims fulfill the diagnostic criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder



Welcome to the Internet in the Post-Information Age, where narcissists roam and psychopaths play. The law can't protect you here. Your safety is up to you.

Join CyberStalking Awareness and iPredator in an explosive new series documenting the evolution of online predators. Learn what you can do to keep yourself safe and sane.



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For more information about this project and how we're trying to help fight the for-profit defamation Industry, click here.

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